Have your ring’s requirements clearly articulated and displayed on a separate page, with all new members going to this page when they click the link to ‘Join’ your ring.
A great example of such a page would be here!!
This will save you endless grief in the long run, and also reassure your members that you indeed manage a very reliable webring. 🙂

Most advanced webmasters use style sheets, so to force your use of the background color within the td tags of your navpanel, you have to use the style attribute like this:

< td style="background-color: #000099" >

or to make it override a possible background image:

< td style="background: #000099" >

To force the use of your Link colors within the Navpanel you need to use the span tags within the link tags like this:

< a href="http://www.ringlink.org/" >< span style="color: #FFFF00" > Ringlink < /span >< /a >

or doing it with < style >

You should advise new members that if they store copies of the image/s used in your ring’s Navpanel in a directory other than the directory where they have placed the web page on which the ring’s Navpanel will be displayed, that they will then have to change the path to the image/s in the HTML code of the Navpanel. An example of which might be:

< !-- Begin HTML comment: This is the HTML code fragment for the [ringtitle] Web Ring. It is what links you to the rest of the ring. Please remember to download the image/s used in this ring's Navpanel, and then store them in the same directory as where you have placed the web page on which this ring's Navpanel will be displayed. If you store them in a different directory, you will then have to edit the path to the images in the HTML code for this ring's navpanel accordingly. Thanks! :) End HTML comment -- >

You should also include these comments concerning your ring’s Navpanel image/s on all the other forms you can customize within a webring system.

One of the best ways to make your webrings known to a broader audience is to have them registered in the Open Directory Project.
Many of the big general search engines and web directories, such as AOL Search, Netscape Search, Google, Lycos, DirectHit, and HotBot, are updating their directories with the ODP information.

Newsgroups in general are also a great way to announce web resources like webrings. There are several services which offer webbased access for a fee, but one service that offers free access is http://newsone.net/.

Even if there are not appropriate newsgroups for all webrings, I am convinced that the owners of most webrings with at least some focus can find one or more suitable newsgroups for announcing their rings.

Note: If you are running a Ringlink ring, do not forget to have it listed in the Ringlink Webring Directory.

Debby T a WOW editor is offering to get your new ring listed in the newsgroup alt.webrings.announce. Due to the rules of the webring.announce owners, this offer is not open to *adult* content rings.

Note: All messages are forwarded with a disclaimer stating that she (NetRings 2000) is not responsible for the content of the message, or the contents of the webring’s home page or member pages.

Please include all of the following information and send to: (NetRings2000@cableone.net)

Ring Title:
Ring Home Page: http://
Ring Description:

Have you finally become a ringmaster for the first time? Or have you started the move of your ring/s, from one webring system to another webring system?

If you do it is best to choose to establish a separate domain name for your ring. One advantage with doing so is that it is easy to move the ring to some other web server if necessary, without a need for the members to change the HTML code at their sites. Another advantage is that it will give your ring homepage, and with that the ring, a lot of exposure.

A Great Example of this would be the Quotation Ring.
To that ring’s List Page.

The HTML fragment for this ring includes four links, which means that every member site will have at least four links to the domain www.quotationring.net. Not bad, is it? It will as a result greatly improve the rank for this ring’s homepage with most search engines! 🙂

With webring statistics, it is important that all your navpanel links are links that go through the webring program hosting your webring (example using “…home.pl?ringid=…” instead of the url for your website (Ringlink example)). This way the ring’s statistics will be a true reflection of the traffic generated and received by each member website in your ring!