Deleting your webring, or finding a new manager?

This would have to be one of the most difficult questions a ringmaster would have to consider. On the surface it would appear that a straight forward YES or NO to either option is all there is to it.

But not so.

The decision to delete a webring or find a new ringmaster will not only effect the existing ringmaster, but the whole webring membership. Which ever decision is reached by the existing ringmaster, it is very important that an honest and detailed explanation is given to all members of the webring.

SECTION 1: Finding a new ringmaster

If you find yourself in a position to no longer be able to maintain your webring, an alternative to deleting is to find a new ringmaster. This can be done through a number of different options. Finding a new ringmaster is a better alternative to deleting the webring, or worse just abandoning it (greatest sin a Ringmaster can do!).

Option 1: You may choose one of the webring members and write them privately about the possibility to manage the webring. Explain the reasons for the need of a new ringmaster. Even offer help in the initial stages of transition from the old to the new ringmaster.

Option 2: You may offer you webring for adoption by posting to the World of Webrings discussion list.

Option 3: You may search the system directories and contact other ringmaster who manage similar webrings.

SECTION 2: Deleting a webring

If you find that the webring no longer serves a useful purpose and you decide to delete the webring, it is imperative you exercise good ethics once reaching this decision. This decision is final. It is permanent with almost every system other then (see additional notes below).

Contact your members and let then know of your decision. If your members are using HTML fragments for the ring navigation, they will need to remove the code/fragment from their website to prevent broken links.

You may suggest an alternative webring/s to your members

Additional notes:

The New WebRing System is unique among webring host systems in that a ringmaster cannot be assured that a deletion is actually “final”. Yes, the ringmaster has a ‘Delete Ring’ button available, but it does not necessarily, finally, irrevocably delete the ring from the system.

The system reserves the right to “resurrect” the webring and move it to the WebRing Adoption Agency (WRA). In such cases, the WRA assumes control of the ring until it is assigned to a new ringmaster who becomes the new owner of the ring.

While the system has responded to some suggestions (e.g., removing graphics from such webrings) it is not yet possible to state with certainty which deletions will be honored and which will result in resurrection. This is a consideration that a ringmaster should to take into account both upon creating their webring on this system and prior to any deletion. They should remember that they may not ever be able to delete it and may just be relinquishing control of it.

Finding a new Ringmaster for rings in The New WebRing System

There are a few options open to you:

Using the Email Ring Members option from the management toolbar.
Select the option to email Individual Members – A particular member or group of members.
Next, find the member to be invited to be the new ringmaster from the list of members. This list shows the member ID followed by the members site name.
Check the box next to the chosen member. Click Next
Enter the Subject
In the Message box, write your email and click Send.

Another option, using the same process as above, is to send:

An email to Active Members – Members that currently have a site in the ring by selecting this option instead of just individual members.
Explain, as a courtesy & in case of more then one individual expressing an interest, how you will decided on the new ringmaster
Invite those who would be interested in taking on the role as the new ringmaster, to respond.

A third option is to:

Select Transfer Ownership from the management toolbar
Click Invite RingMaster
Click on Invite All Members
The Subject is already there by default
The Message is already there by default
Type the email in the Additional Notes field
Click Send

By choosing this third option, you will allow the system to choose the new ringmaster.

Deleting a ring in The New WebRing System

It is imperative you exercise good ethics once reaching the decision to delete the ring. Following the outlined steps to Email Ring Members, steps to follow:

Email the whole membership, by selecting All – Ring Members, Suspended Members and Ring Applicants
Explain the reason/s why this decision has been reached
Explain over what period of time the member sites will be deleted from the webring
Offer alternate webring/s which members may wish to join
Once the webring is empty, you only need to click the Delete Ring option located on the Management Toolbar
There will be two options, but both are exactly the same!
Clicking Delete Ring will send out the following example message:
According to our records you are a member of the Ring, linuxtakesoverth: LINUX takes over the World! WebRing, under the WebRing User ID uselesswebring, and that Ring has been put up for adoption.

Note: RingSurf also makes it very difficult to delete a webring!
With RingSurf you must delete all members before you can delete the ring, which can be a very slow process…

With other webring systems delete actually means delete, and upon clicking delete your ring is instantly vaporized.