What is a quality webring?

No broken links in the webring.

The webring’s navpanel is displayed clearly on all member websites (preferably on the index page, or on a appropriate content page *if* for example the index page is not directly related to the topic of the ring), and not hidden on a lowly ‘webring’ page, or other page deep within the website.

Member sites display the navpanels for no more than 3 webrings on any one page, and should never be stacked or have a link to ‘My other Webrings’ displayed nearby.

The webring’s home page is informative, well organized, user friendly, and pleasantly designed.

The webring’s home page and all member websites load quickly, are free of popups, ‘screaming’ banner adds, and are not hosted on ‘free’ web hosts such as Geocities and Tripod. Member sites should never include ‘free’ forum pages such as Yahoo! and MSN groups.

The topic of all member websites clearly relates to the topic of the webring, and the ringmaster must surf his or her own ring occasionally to verify this.

The webring has to have a topic. Webrings like ‘Everything’ and ‘Whatever’ only poison the concept further.

Navpanels must be attractive, quick loading, user friendly, and have at least the ‘next’, ‘home’ and ‘random’ links displayed. They must also require no ‘gimmicks’ such as JavaScript.

A ring must actually enhance a site instead of detracting from it. In other words, your average member is proud to be a member of the ring, and feels it makes an important contribution to his or her website.