Function of a Webring’s Home Page

There are several different schools of thought on the function of a webring’s home page and where it belongs in the big picture.

Some ringmasters prefer to have the |Home| link on the ring’s navigation panel point to a webpage located on the ringmaster’s website that serves as a public introduction to the ring, with the |Join| link on the ring navigation panel pointing to a separate page containing the rules and guide lines for joining the ring. In this type of two page setup the Home page is normally a member site in the ring of websites, while the Join page is not.

Other ringmasters prefer to combine the ring introduction and membership guidelines on the home page. In this type of one page setup the Home page can be a member site in the ring or only linked to from the webring navigation panel. Many ringmasters feel that home page should not be a member site in the ring, but should be a site outside of the ring.
Information about your Webring

No matter what method you choose, you should consider including the following information about your webring on the Home or Join page.

A description of your webring, and the requirements you have established for membership.

Creating the rules for membership in your ring.

Be sure your members understand the intent and purpose of the ring.
Do you allow commercial sites or adult sites to join?
Be specific about where members can place the navigation code for the ring.
Set a reasonable amount of time for them to add the navigation code to their site.
Do you allow members make changes to the appearance of the navigation panel?

This is your ring…. Create your rules and then enforce them.

Instructions on how to join your webring, along with an application form (depending on what webring hosting service you use) or a link to the default membership application form on the ring hosting service.
Instructions to your members on to how and where to edit their member information.
A copy of the ring code for your webring.
A link to a random site in your ring, along with a link to the complete members list for your webring.