Have a Website

First you need to have a website. This may seem self explanatory but there have been people who have tried to join a ring without having a website.
Check the Requirements

Before applying check the ring requirements to see if your site fits the requirements specified. There may be content requirements or specifications for the code. There are two forms of applying the ring code, either html and javascript as is used by WebRing.com. Some rings require the code on the index page, some allow the code on a ring page. Either way, the page where the ring code is needs to be easily accessable from the rest of the site and the rest of the site needs to be easily accessable from the ring page.


Depending on ring system there may be slight differences in applying but basically, you need to apply. It usually involves filling out a form stating the site name, the page you are putting the ring fragment on, giving a valid email address and possibly selecting a password for the ring.

Add the Ring Fragment for the Navpanel

You will either get e-mailed an html ring fragment or if using a provider such as WebRing, you will get a javascript code you need to add providing you don’t already have the javascript on your page.

Upload the Graphic/s if any

Usually rings have graphics. They may have just one or give a choice. Generally, you save the graphics to your hard drive and upload them to your site. Occasionally, the ring will load the graphics but check first.

Notify the Ringmaster

Again depending on system, you may need to e-mail the ringmaster that your code is up or the system will generate an email to the ringmaster. He or she will check the code to see if it is up properly and your site to see if it meets the requirements of the ring. If all is good, you will be added to the ring.

Leaving a Webring

Delete Membership from the Webring

Go to the page where you edit your information. Depending on the system, that may take a few clicks to find. You then have the choice to edit or delete the ring. Delete it.

Remove site Navpanel and Graphic/s from your Website

Very important, remove the ring code. If you are on a system that uses javascript such as WebRing.com, and you used javascript not html, that is automatic and you don’t have to do anything unless of course you are deleting all your rings. Then you need to remove the javascript. If you used html, you do have to delete the code.

Do NOT break the Webring

Whether you leave, move, delete your site, change the page name or page the ring code is located, update the system so it knows about the change. That prevents the ring from being broken.