The benefits of joining and/or searching a webring are several. First off is being linked to other sites of a similar topic or interest. It’s easier for you to find a site surfing a webring, or more specifically a webring that you have joined, than just blindly searching links with some monolithic search engine like Google, where often the top results for any search have been bought up by a vampish money hungry ‘.com’, a ‘.com’ with often little or no real relevance to the topic or interest you are searching for!

Increasing Traffic

You will notice an increase in traffic! You will get a much larger portion of traffic from well managed webrings than from any other source. The reason being that well managed webrings are often managed by persons who have a great passion for the topic or interest of the webring, and as a result manage their webrings to a degree of perfection that could never be attained by any mindless impersonal search engine, or link linking service!! Webrings in short are the best way to find information on a specific topic or interest on the World Wide Web!!!

Collecting Webrings

You may get bitten by the webring bug, and start collecting rings. Or, you may find them enjoyable enough to create your own webring/s. For that matter, you may find a cause you are interested in that is in need of a webring. Webrings because of their perfection and user friendly interface, are by far the most enjoyable of online experiences. However, you should be warned that webrings are highly addictive, and you might find yourself transformed overnight into a webring freak of the first order!! 🙂

Help and Friendships

Webrings are the easiest way to find persons who share your passion/s for a particular topic/s or interest/s! Furthermore, joining and creating webrings just might be the impetus for your joining a webring related mailing list (like the WOW mailing list), and there you will make friends and gain invaluable info on and help with your webring/s no matter what webring system or webring program you are using to host that webring/s.