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Dandom Digest
Founded as an outgrowth of, what is today's Dandom Digest has been distracting Danfans in the workplace since March 23, 1993. Perhaps the very first internet resource dedicated exclusively to Steely Dan, the Dandom Digest reaches approximately 3,000 fans with each edition. Please note: The Dandom Digest is by, for and about the fans of Steely Dan. The Dandom Digest is not the official newsletter of Steely Dan, Donald Fagen nor Walter Becker.
Howard's Steely Dan guitar chords and tabs
A collection of accurate Steely Dan guitar transcriptions - guitar chords and tabs for over 25 songs. Also has reviews of available SD guitar/piano songbooks and information on the Steely Dan mu major chord.
The Steely Dan Dictionary
An A-Z glossary of obscure and confusing words taken from the lyrics of Steely Dan songs
Under The Banyan Trees With Steely Dan
The 2nd oldest Steely Dan fansite on the net. Home of the infamous "Yellow" guestbook/forum.
Tracing its roots to what was perhaps the very first modern website about Steely Dan, what is today's has been around since circa 1993-1994.
The BlueBook
Founded June 22, 2001,'s BlueBook is an anonymous, no-login-required guestbook of Steely Dan Fans rants, raves and virtual beheadings--in other words a great blue pagoda of funn. Try not to take it too personally, and remember that most of what people say here, the same people wouldn't have the balls to tell you to your face. At best, amazing SD tips and honest insights; at worst, watch your back. P.S. You can get to Greenroom chat from this page.
Radio Free Dandom
Radio Free Dandom is a directory of Steely Dan-oriented internet radio station. It also includes a link to Radio Free Dandom's two flagship Live365-based radio stations, Radio Free Dandom and RFD2. Others with similar stations are ecouraged to register their stations on this page.
Steely Dan Database
Complete discography with pictures, lyrics, transcriptions and samples keywords: discography, pictures, lyrics, transcriptions, samples, photos, albums, songs, tours, live shows, musicians, instruments, versions, singles

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